How to change jiofi password

How to change jiofi password: Are you trying to know how to change jiofi password and the wifi ssid name. Then you're on the right place, because today am going goin to teach you how to change jiofi password and ssid name.

First, you know what jiofi is and what does it work

JioFi is a personal hotspot that helps to give your mobile and laptop scores 4G high-speed data connectivity

Through this device, you can also run 4G internet in all those mobile phones which do not have 4G option

The specialty of this device is that it becomes compatible with all types of devices and the range of this is also quite good.

But if a lot of people are connected to this WiFi at the same time, then its speed falls to a great extent.

And if you have a lot of people know your WiFi password and they are using it in mobile phone or by connecting it to laptop devices.

So it can be harmful to you, due to which you will get very little speed to see your happiness on devices.

And that's why you save only one fodder in front of you that you change your JioFi password.
And in this article I have learned that how will you change the password of your jio router

And also friends, this method is quite easy to read so carefully and as it is written in this article, you have to do the same with your device so that you will be able to easily change your password.

How to change jiofi password
How to change jiofi password


Step By Step

  1. Connect your device to JioFi.
  2. Open a web browser and go to “http://jiofi.local.html“.
  3. Click on ‘Login’ option at the top right corner.
  4. Enter ‘administrator’ as the username and the password.
  5. Then, navigate to the ‘WiFi settings’ which you will find under the ‘Settings’ tab.
  6. Change the password and SSID name here as per your wish.

When you change the password and name of your password, you will see a save button on it. You just have to click on the save button and your new password and name will be saved for that device.

Congratulations, Now you can use your WiFi even more securely. And friends, I would recommend to all of you that if you are changing your password then choose a good and more secure password. Because doing so will increase the security of your WiFi and no one can bother you.

After the arrival of friends, there has been a lot of change in the telecom industry in India because now you get the convenience of the Internet quite easily and very well and because Jio has started its cheapest plans, all the other people start shocked. Due to the reasons for the increase of the customers of Jio too fast. It is estimated that by 2021 India will have more than 80 million internet users in which wifi router will be used on a large scale. Very soon India is going to launch 5G. And it is believed that as soon as 5G launches in India, we will be able to see the 5G SIM cards and 5G routers of Jio, which may also be expected to get free live 5G grades.

If you haven’t Got how to change JioFi password, Then Don’t worry. Here We have…


1. Switch on your JioFi router: Press the switch on the button of your JioFi router and turn it on. If it is not running at once, then press and hold the button for a while until your JioFi Router turns on completely and is ready to connect to WiFi.

2. Connect any device to your JioFi router: Now connect any one of your devices to your WiFi router. You can connect any device whether it is your mobile phone or laptop or your computer. You need to connect your device to your WiFi so that you can access its localhost and change the password.

3. Access the configuration page to manage the JioFi’s settings: Now go to the settings page of your WiFi router that comes to Confi, To go to the Confirmation page, you have to open any browser application in your device and then search the localhost in it.  This is localhost 'http: //jiofi.local.html' or '' , You have to search one of these two localhosts in your search bar.

4. Login the setting page of router: When you search any of these two localhosts in your search bar, a page will open in front of you which will be asked to login with you. Here you can enter your Admin ID password. You have to login and then you have to go to your settings page

5. Set new password and wifi name: Now you have to go to the WiFi configuration option of your wifi router admin page and from here you can generate a new password and new name
You just have to enter your new password here and if you want to change the name, you can do it from here
Just when you reset your WiFi password on this page and change it, you have to save your new password by clicking on the Save button on the same page and by doing so, the new password will be activated for that WiFi So that anyone can access the WiFi router's internet only if they enter the same password


In this article I have given this step by step guide for how to change Wi-fi password easily and I think you will never ask how to change jiofi password again. because these steps are the only way to change jiofi password and SSID name. so if you like this step-by-step guide article for changing jio Fi password. then please comment your experience to this article.  and if you want to help us and this article then please share it to your social media handles some more people can get this information and use it in there day-to-day life.

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