How To Get Free Do Follow Backlinks From Your Own Websites Legally

Yes, Guys, it's true that you can get many dofollow backlinks from your own blog or websites without any issue. This is known as link building. You can make backlinks from your own websites in totally legal ways without any problem.

How To Get Free Do Follow Backlinks From Your Own Websites Legally
How To Get Free Do Follow Backlinks From Your Own Websites Legally

But Before I teach you to make backlinks. firstly you have to learn fundamentals of backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is that link which is given to you from another website is there article or somewhere in there website. A backlink is like voting for Google. Google will rank your website if your content is good and unique. but there is also another way to rank your website with higher authorities websites.  like when a high authority website gives you a link as known as backlink then Google crawlers think that you have also some great content so that's why the higher authority websites are promoting you by giving you that link on their website.

How Backlinks Works?

When any website gives you a backlink in their article and when the article indexes in Google then Google crawlers find your link in their post or on their website so they get information that the particular website given you a backlink. And whenever Google crawls the website then the crawlers give some points to that particular website which is also known as trust ratio. And when they get your website link in their article, they also crawl your website with their website and also gives you some trust ratio of their website. so your website trust ratio increases and your article get ranking on Google.

How To Get Free Dofollow Backlink From Own Website?

If you want to get backlinks from your own website and article to your other articles.
Then whenever you write an article on any particular topic then find some keywords in your article which is related to your and other articles you have written before.  like if you are writing an article on website SEO and the main content of your website is full on page SEO. then if you have an article based on Search Engine Optimisation then you can link it to your article by converting the SEO text in the link. so this will create a unique and genuine backlink to your another article and Google crawlers will find that article important and they will rank higher on Google.

And this is totally legal so you don't need to worry about any issue with Google.


By this, you can make backlink for your other articles and pages on categories.
and this tip is also very great because if you think you have written an article on an important message or anything important to any topic and you want that Google helps you to promote that article on hire search rankings on Google then this will definitely help you to get higher rankings on Google search engine.

So this was my article for how to get dofollow backlinks totally free from your own website so you can do link building on your website and yes this is also known as interlink. And by this Google will definitely rank your website higher on Google searches and search ranks.

So if you find this article helpful for you then please comment your experience and suggestions for my website all this article and please make sure to share this article with your friends and family wherever you want to make me happy and motivated for writing and other articles and helping people.

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