How To Upload A Song To Youtube: Upload Song on youtube Without Copyright Tenssion

How to upload a song to youtube: upload song on youtube | To upload a song on youtube, you have to know all these steps. Because when I want to upload my song on youtube. I got some problems to upload a song in youtube

How To Upload A Song To Youtube
How To Upload A Song To Youtube

Upload Song on youtube

If you want to upload a song on YouTube then you have to know all of these steps to upload a music video or only music to upload on YouTube. but there is a problem if you upload only music then YouTube will not allow this.

So what you can do for it.

Just can do add some images to your music video or if you have only audio then please use any video editor and make a slideshow of some particular images which are relevant to your music and add your music to that particular slideshow and uploaded on YouTube you can say upload a song on YouTube with pictures in a video form.

so now,

how to upload a song to YouTube?

To upload a song to YouTube you just have to create a YouTube account by signing up with your existing Gmail account.

If you don't have a Gmail account then please click here to create your Gmail account.

After creating a Gmail account go to and sign up with your Gmail account.

And then click on the upload button on YouTube right corner.

upload song on youtube
upload song on youtuber

If there is no upload sign or symbol then you can also find a camera or a video camera symbol.

Please click on it.

Now you have three options

  1. Video
  2. Live
  3. Post (1000 subscribers neede)

upload a song on youtube
upload a song on youtube

Now click on video option.

And then you will find and video upload screen.

upload song in youtube

Just select any video from your computer storage and drag it to the upload website for a page of YouTube.

But if you are using an Android mobile phone to upload a song on YouTube.

Then please click the upload button on the YouTube upload page.

And then go to your gallery and select the video you want to upload on YouTube as a song uploading on YouTube.

Now the uploading of your music video will be started and processed by YouTube algorithm.

In this meantime, you can add the title of your song which will be viewed by views on the YouTube app and YouTube website.

upload song to youtube with picture
upload song in youtube

So please select a catchy title or please enter your song name in the first word and then
the name of the artist or music label.

So you viewers can also get to know who sang this song,  and which music company or label or any music production studio made this song.

And now comes the most important part of your song to upload a song on YouTube.

Please fill the description of your song on Youtube correctly.

Because this will make you a brand.

If you are not creating a brand with your song then no 1 subscribe you to YouTube. and if no one subscribes you then if you upload another song after some time you can't get more views to your song.

So please be careful to enter everything about your song like,

  1. Name of singers
  2. The name of the director
  3. The name of choreographer
  4. The name of the editor
  5. Name level u used with your song
  6. Name of your group of you so people can follow your group
  7. And you can also write something about your music skills or type of  songs

Now you can also give some social media links of your true or group or the music production studio or company so people can follow you on all of the social media platforms.

After all these things you will find a tag section below the description box.

Here you can add Some Tags related to your song

As an example:  if you are the song is based on hip hop.  then you can enter Hip Hop as a tag in your YouTube song video, or if you are a classical singer then enter tax like classical singers, class music or classical song.

If you do this then people we love to listen to hip hop or classical will get suggestions of your songs on their YouTube browse wall.

After all this, your video will be processed and ready to upload.

So now click on the publish button,  and then your video will be published on YouTube and now anyone can watch the song on YouTube.

How to upload a song to YouTube with your phone?

To upload a song to YouTube with your phone.

Please open the YouTube app on your mobile phone and then click The camcorder button On top of YouTube app.

Then select the video you want to upload on YouTube.

Enter the title of your song.

Enter a description of your song

And then click on the upload button to upload your song on YouTube.


If you want to upload a song on YouTube with your phone so you can do it very easily.

Because whatever you needed before this question you can also apply on your mobile phone to upload your song on YouTube with your phone.

But here is a small difficult thing, which you will be faced on the YouTube app.

And that is you can't add tags to your videos with YouTube app as the app loading time of any particular video.

You have to use the YouTube studio app on your mobile phone to add tags to your video on YouTube.

If you want to know about the YouTube studio app then please click here.
But sometimes people want to upload their songs to other platforms also and then they think how to upload song from YouTube.

So, in this case, to upload song from YouTube you can use an online YouTube video converter to solve your problem.

There are some online video converters From which you can download your YouTube song and upload them anywhere you want.

1. ClipConverter.CC
3. Video Grabber
5. Catchvideo
6. Y2mate
7. Online Video Converter
8. VidPaw
9. YouTubNow

Why always YouTube converter you can download your YouTube videos and upload them to any way you want to upload them.  but please make sure to not to download any other creators content and upload them to any platform.

Because if you do this then the original creator of that particular content can take legal action on you.


YouTube is the best place to express yourself and your passion. and by this article( how to upload a song to YouTube)  you also got the information to upload a song on YouTube. so if you think I helped you and give you some quality content.  then please share this article with your friends and family. and please write your experience in our comment box. so I can improve my content and future articles.

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