How much money you make on youtube 2019

how much money you make on youtube: Everything about how much money you make on youtube? And how do people make money on youtube with multiple sources like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Services, Brand Endorsements, Review Units, Selling Products, Selling Merchandise, Url Shorteners, Referral income, Partnership with Companies

how much money you make on youtube

Guys if you really want to know about how much money you make on YouTube then this would be a perfect article for your question because today I am going to write everything about YouTube money making process and ways.

so you can get an idea that how much money you make on YouTube.

the money making process of YouTube is related to many income sources for a youtuber to generate some revenue buy their YouTube channel

some of them are:
  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Services
  4. Brand Endorsements
  5. Review Units
  6. Selling Products
  7. Selling Merchandise
  8. Url Shorteners
  9. Referral income
  10. Partnership with Companies

But there are some more sources of income on YouTube.  and I think they are not looks like professional sources so I am not recommending them in this article.

so now I am going to give you info about all these income sources briefly.  so you can get an idea of the particular income sources what I am using right now and how much will you do when you have a YouTube channel.

how much money you make on YouTube with AdSense monetization?

AdSense is a platform for every blogger, Youtuber, developers and some other platform who wants ads on their platform.

AdSense take ads from AdWords and shows on the platform which is integrated by AdSense ad codes.

Like,  when YouTube user tries to watch a video on YouTube then YouTube shows some ads on the particular video which is powered by  AdSense.

and if viewers click the skip button,  then the original video starts playing.

but when the viewers are watching ads and click on them the youtube Who uploaded that particular video and monetized he is content with Google AdSense with YouTube partner program.

he gets some payment for that particular click.

and it depends on the CPC of the particular country are the bidding amount of the particular ad placement.

here is a list of average CPC of particular countries. (high paying cpc countries 2019)
High to Low CPC list Countries 2019:

01 - $0.48 - CPC Of Australia
02 - $0.44 - CPC Of Netherlands Antilles
03 - $0.43 - CPC Of Denmark
04 - $0.41 - CPC Of Switzerland
05 - $0.36 - CPC Of South Africa
06 - $0.32 - CPC Of New Zealand
07 - $0.32 - CPC Of Finland
08 - $0.30 - CPC Of Singapore
09 - $0.28 - CPC Of Norway
10 - $0.27 - CPC Of United Kingdom
11 - $0.26 - CPC Of Netherlands
12 - $0.26 - CPC Of Germany
13 - $0.25 - CPC Of United States
14 - $0.24 - CPC Of Canada
15 - $0.23 - CPC Of Austria
16 - $0.22 - CPC Of Barbados
17 - $0.21 - CPC Of Ireland
18 - $0.21 - CPC Of Belgium
19 - $0.20 - CPC Of France
20 - $0.19 - CPC Of Sweden
21 - $0.18 - CPC Of Taiwan
22 - $0.18 - CPC Of Kenya
23 - $0.17 - CPC Of Trinidad and Tobago
24 - $0.17 - CPC Of Greece
25 - $0.17 - CPC Of Chile
26 - $0.15 - CPC Of Qatar
27 - $0.14 - CPC Of Croatia
28 - $0.13 - CPC Of Italy
29 - $0.12 - CPC Of Puerto Rico
30 - $0.11 - CPC Of Spain
31 - $0.11 - CPC Of Poland
32 - $0.11 - CPC Of Nigeria
33 - $0.11 - CPC Of Malta
34 - $0.10 - CPC Of Portugal
35 - $0.10 - CPC Of Kuwait
36 - $0.10 - CPC Of Czech Republic
37 - $0.10 - CPC Of Brazil
38 - $0.09 - CPC Of Mexico
39 - $0.09 - CPC Of Japan
40 - $0.09 - CPC Of Hong Kong
41 - $0.08 - CPC Of Peru
42 - $0.08 - CPC Of Malaysia
43 - $0.08 - CPC Of Lithuania
44 - $0.08 - CPC Of Hungary
45 - $0.08 - CPC Of Bangladesh
46 - $0.07 - CPC Of Saudi Arabia
47 - $0.07 - CPC Of Oman
48 - $0.07 - CPC Of Israel
49 - $0.07 - CPC Of Egypt
50 - $0.06 - CPC Of United Arab Emirates
51 - $0.06 - CPC Of Turkey
52 - $0.06 - CPC Of Slovenia
53 - $0.06 - CPC Of Georgia
54 - $0.06 - CPC Of Argentina
55 - $0.05 - CPC Of Thailand
56 - $0.05 - CPC Of Sri Lanka
57 - $0.05 - CPC Of South Korea
58 - $0.05 - CPC Of Russia
59 - $0.05 - CPC Of Romania
60 - $0.05 - CPC Of Philippines
61 - $0.05 - CPC Of Mauritius
62 - $0.05 - CPC Of India
63 - $0.05 - CPC Of Colombia
64 - $0.05 - CPC Of China
65 - $0.04 - CPC Of Ukraine
66 - $0.04 - CPC Of Tunisia
67 - $0.04 - CPC Of Mozambique
68 - $0.04 - CPC Of Jordan
69 - $0.04 - CPC Of Indonesia
70 - $0.04 - CPC Of Fiji
71 - $0.04 - CPC Of Albania
72 - $0.03 - CPC Of Vietnam
73 - $0.03 - CPC Of Uruguay
74 - $0.03 - CPC Of Uganda
75 - $0.03 - CPC Of Serbia and Montenegro
76 - $0.03 - CPC Of Nepal
77 - $0.03 - CPC Of Moldova
78 - $0.03 - CPC Of Macedonia [FYROM]
79 - $0.03 - CPC Of Cyprus
80 - $0.03 - CPC Of Cambodia
Buy all these CPC list of particular countries you can check the average income of a youtuber by AdSense monetization.

How much money you make on YouTube with doing affiliate marketing and selling affiliated products?

if you think about affiliate marketing and affiliated products earning for a YouTube.
then I would like to say.

a youtube makes money more than 3 times with Affiliate Marketing.

and you don't have to worry about YouTube AdSense monetization because you don't need any subscriber limit to do Affiliate Marketing.

and you can sell any product with affiliate Marketing on YouTube.  but it must be a legal product, not spam.

affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on YouTube or any type of platform because buy affiliate marketing you can sell Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any type of E-commerce website or any company products by your YouTube channel.

You just have to register for affiliate marketing on the websites of e-commerce shopping or you have to get in touch with a company who can give you some percentage on every sale.

You can also do affiliate Marketing with local shops or showroom. if you visit any of them regularly and thinking to recommend some products of the particulars showroom to your views.

How much money you make on YouTube by selling your services online with promoting them on YouTube?

you can earn unlimited money by selling your services online and promoting them on YouTube promoting.

 because YouTube is a platform where you can promote your products and online services unlimited time and earn unlimited money with your online services on youtube.

How much money you make on YouTube with brand endorsements and sponsorship?

guys if I talk about brand endorsements then I would like to say that brand endorsement are the one of the best ways to get paid for your promotions of other companies and products.

because a company needs someone to promote their products in that way which can be relevant to the buyers and the group of people who has a large probability to buy their products online or offline.

because if any YouTuber makes a video for any particular product, then the viewers think that product is more efficient and a quality product buy any particular company.

and because viewers trust youtubers and influencers, and with that trust, they purchase a particular product.

so here comes a very important thing.

if you are a YouTuber and you want to be successful YouTuber lifetime then don't dare to lie your views for any product, because if you like them then they leave you and in some days you will become a normal person because nobody will watch your content.

How much money you make on YouTube by review units?

guys review units are one of the best ways to generate revenue from your YouTube channel because any category company wants promotion for their particular products.

but they can't review them on TV because if they make a single 3 minutes or 4 minutes video on their products and they place ads on TV channels.

Then this will cost too much money then giving products to some youtubers to review them.

and by giving the products to youtubers there is the highest probability of purchase ratios.

How much money you make on YouTube by selling products?

If you want to make money on YouTube by saying products then this will be a great idea to generate some extra revenue by selling your own products on YouTube.
because without any budget of promotion you can promote your products on YouTube because it's totally free to promote your own products on your own YouTube channel.

because every YouTube viewers trust YouTubers.  and if a youtuber promotes any product then viewers definitely try to buy the product if that particular product is relevant to them.

how much money you make on YouTube by selling merchandise?

Selling your own Merchandise is also a great way to generate revenue with your own branding and your own Merchandise to wear and some other things.

if your channel is related to any adventure type category then you can make adventurous clothes and promote them on your YouTube channel so you get the maximum numbers of buyers and get more and more revenue by it.

how much money you make on YouTube by URL shorteners websites?

If you're using some links in your YouTube video description and you think is the links are very long then you can Use URL shorteners to short the URL and give it to your viewers.

because there are two types of URL shortener.
  1. Free
  2. Paid
If you are using a free URL shortener like Google URL shortener and bitly URL shortener then you are not going to earn any revenue from that particular link.

but if you are using paid method URL shortener then if anyone clicks your link then they will get an advertised page and then the advertised page will redirect the viewers to your original content and website.

this is not the best way to earn but this is also a very good revenue source for every influencer who has followers for subscribers on YouTube or any other social media platforms.

How much money you make on YouTube by referral income?

Guys this is the most used way of earning by me.  because this is the only way I have to earn money from Youtube when I don't have any subscriber any type of monetization technique for my YouTube channel.

For this, I started review apps and websites on my own YouTube channel and I got too much money than YouTube monetization.

as an example,  if YouTube pays $1 for every 1000 or 2000 views.

then I was making around 50 to 60 dollars per  1000 or 2000 views.
And if you want to generate money from a YouTube channel in just first week of starting that particular YouTube channel.

then try to review apps and websites awesome products to get referral income so you can generate much more money by your YouTube channel and establish a very create YouTube channel.

How much money you make on YouTube by a partnership with companies?

There is many companies who won influencers to work for them and promote their products on their YouTube channel or blog or any type of platform where influencer can promote the products.

Making money on YouTube with a partnership with companies is like a company is paying you money to promote their products every month or every quarter.

so in this deal, you have to promote all of the products of that particular company.
whenever they release any new product.

Conclusion Of Article (how much money you make on youtube?)

so if I talk about all of these earning sources then on an average you will make a minimum of $5 to $10 for every thousand views on your YouTube channel if you use all these things.  but if you want to earn from AdSense monetization only with YouTube partner program then its depends on your viewing country and CPC of that particular country with CPM which is also known as cost per miles.

if you like this article and got it helpful for you then please recommend it to your friends and share with them and also comment your experience about this article and also if you want to know more something about YouTube or other earning platforms then please read some another article on our website.

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